Imperium Europa por Norman Lowell

Imperium Europa por Norman Lowell
Titulo del libro : Imperium Europa
Autor : Norman Lowell

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Norman Lowell con Imperium Europa

Reseña del editor Imperium Europa is not a book: it is a vision. A vision of a future on the brink of the present, of a Europe of Tomorrow and of Today, in which petty nationalism and brotherly conflicts have been fused into a unified European Destiny. This vision will change the course of the present hostile, incompetent and economy-obsessed EU, replacing it with political and spiritual solidarity in IMPERIUM EUROPA.In IMPERIUM EUROPA, high technology and high tradition meet: Europe’s spirit is renewed, her lands, glory and holy places restored, and the stars themselves made her rightful heritage. Biografía del autor Born in Malta, Norman Lowell considers himself a European in every sense of the word. The author is a banker, a martial arts expert and is the founder of Ch'uan Shu in Malta. He is dedicated to his own abstract style: Dionysian Action Painting.