1.D4: King's Indian & Grunfeld por Boris Avrukh

1.D4: King's Indian & Grunfeld por Boris Avrukh
Titulo del libro : 1.D4: King's Indian & Grunfeld
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 7, 2018
Autor : Boris Avrukh
ISBN : 1784830445
Editor : Quality Chess

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Boris Avrukh con 1.D4: King's Indian & Grunfeld

When Boris Avrukh released his 1.d4 repertoire books in 2008 and 2010, they caused a sensation. GM Michael Adams remarked that "The high-quality Grandmaster Repertoire series has taken this format to a completely different level."Volume 2A is the third out of four brand new volumes in which Avrukh revamps, expands and generally improves upon his previous work in every way possible. This chess book provides a world-class repertoire against the Grunfeld and King's Indian, two of Black's most popular and dynamic defenses. The author remains faithful to his preferred Fianchetto System, but has completely re-analyzed it to forge an even more effective repertoire weapon than before.