IntelliJ IDEA Essentials por Jarosław Krochmalski

IntelliJ IDEA Essentials por Jarosław Krochmalski
Titulo del libro : IntelliJ IDEA Essentials
Autor : Jarosław Krochmalski

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Jarosław Krochmalski con IntelliJ IDEA Essentials

Reseña del editor This book is for developers who want to work smarter so they can focus their efforts on the details that will give them the advantage. This book is tailor-made for developers who want to move from NetBeans and Eclipse to experience the power and functionality of IntelliJ IDEA. Biografía del autor Jaroslaw Krochmalski is a passionate software designer and developer who specializes in the financial business domain. He has over 12 years of experience in software development. He is a clean-code and software craftsmanship enthusiast. He is a Certified ScrumMaster and a fan of Agile. His professional interests include new technologies in web application development, design patterns, enterprise architecture, and integration patterns. He likes to experiment with NoSQL and cloud computing. Jaroslaw has been working with IDEA since its first release and has observed the IDE grow and mature. He has been designing and developing software professionally since 2000 and has been using Java as his primary programming language since 2002. In the past, he worked for companies such as Kredyt Bank (KBC) and Bank BPS on many large-scale projects such as international money orders, express payments, and collection systems. He currently works as a consultant for the Danish company 7N and writes software for the Nykredit bank. You can reach him via Twitter at @jkrochor by e-mail at [email protected]